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Apr 25, 2011 For members of Land Surveyors United Sokkia Social Support Group at and distance measurement, the battery will allow operation for 2 hours The vertical angle format and angle units T P. 12 have been correctly.Copy of users manual for Sokkia SET5 series total station. Spiral bound, 177 pages.

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Dimensions of Equipment. Sokkia in protective case 42 x 23 x 34 cm, 10.35 kg (23 lbs):. Tripod and stadia rod in Wilson golf case:.those appearing in brochures and this manuaL. please contact your SOKKIA agent. When the I ALWAYS FOllOW PRECAUTIONS FOR SAFE OPERATION.

Manufacturer of GIS and GPS/GNSS receivers, theodolites, levels, 3D coordinate measuring and laser systems for measuring distance, position.Sokkia Total Stations Accessories, SOKKIA, Surveying, Vintage Computer User Manuals, Sokkia Sdr33 Indiana Total Stations Accessories, sokkia grx1, Vintage Tandy User Manual, Sokkia Data Cable Indiana Total Stations Accessories, Survey Target In Total Stations Accessories, Sokkia Grx1 In Total Stations Accessories.

  1. SOKKIA SET B MANUAL Table of Contents 1. INTRODUCTION1. INTRODUCTION 3333 make this Total Station Training MaWe’ve tried to make this Total Station Training Mannual as userual as userual as user----friendly as possible. If you have any suggestions or comments.Explanations” manuals and ask your Sokkia agent. • The specifications and {ESC} etc. : Indicates operation keys on the SET or wireless keyboard.

  2. Sokkia SET Total Station Parts of the SET Total Station Parts of the SET Total Station Sokkia SET 550 Total Station Keys/Screen SET 550 Menu Pages Leveling the Total Station.Service manual; Sokkia CX-101 Service Manual. Related Manuals for Sokkia CX-101. Select either “User’1” or “User’2” as the softkey array to be registered. 4. Page 274: Restoring Default Settings. 33. CHANGING THE SETTINGS PROCEDURE Changing password 1. Select "Change Password" in Config.

  3. Electronic Total Station Class 1 LED Product Class I LED Product OPERATOR’S MANUAL. This is the mark of the Japan Surveying For details, refer to fiInterfacing with the SOKKIA SDR Electronic Field Bookfl and fiCommand Explanationsfl manu-als and ask your Sokkia agent.Sokkia has further refined its traditional optics system, which emits measuring light from the objective lens center and User-friendly keyboard and softkeys The Guide Light Unit cannot be used simultaneously with the laser pointer function.

Thank you for purchasing the Reflectorless Total Station, CYGNUS. User 1)This product is for professional use only! zFollow the safety instructions on the labels attached to the instrument as well as in this manual to ensure safe use of this laser product.“Interfacing with the SOKKIA SDR Electronic Field Book” and Command. Explanations The SETX comes equipped with 3 manuals for operation information:.

with the SOKKIA SDR Electronic Field Book” and “Command Explanations” manuals and ask your Sokkia agent. brochures and this manual. • Some of the diagrams shown in this manual may be simplified for easier understanding. Series30R SET230R/R3 SET330R/R3 SET530R/R3 SET630R Reflectorless Total Station Class 1 LED Product SET230R3/330R3.OPERATOR'S MANUAL CONTENTS. S' 'ting up the in.trument on/ _ Setunq uD the instrumenl 1. NAME le trihL 5. DISPLAY SYMBOL; 7.3 8 PREPARATION FOR POWER ON Bedienungsanleitung Sokkia SET5 Author: Sokkia Subject: Bei diesem Dokument handelt es sich um das Handbuch des Sokkia Tachymeters.

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