SenTix special electrodes can take on the challenges associated with measuring the pH value of surfaces, solids, suspensions, emulsions, low ionic samples, smallest volumes and more. For those who require a non-glass electrode, the SenTix FET can be used with every WTW pH meter.

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WTW 103642 #81 pH Probe Sentix: Industrial Scientific. Try Prime Industrial Scientific Go. Search EN Hello. Sign in Your Account.

  • Plastic dispensing reel with 1 roll of indicator paper and colour scale. 3 SenTix® 81 and accessories pH combination electrodes, gel electrolyte, SenTix®.

  • Ph Electrode Sentix 81 found in: inoLab® pH 7110 Benchtop Meters, …3in1 pH Meter with universal power supply, electrode arm and operation manual.

  • l Push-button calibration with auto-buffer recognition l Waterproof SenTix.21. KH-59500-81 Replacement pH/ATC electrode, plastic body, refillable liquid .

  • SenTix® 20, 21, 21-3, 22 SenTix ® 41, 41-3, 42 SenTix® RJS SenTix® Sp SenTix® Sur SenTix® F, F-3 pH combination electrodes with polymer and gel electrolyte. SenTix 10 ba75740e02 04/2010 Accuracy when going to press The use of advanced technology and the high quality standard of our instruments are the result of a continuous development. This may result in differences between.

  • ba75844e02 04/2010 SenTix® 940 SenTix® 940-3 SenTix® F900 SenTix® F 900-3 pH electrode with gel electrolyte Operating manual.

Xylem Inc PH ELECTROD SENTIX 81 DIN Manufacturer: Xylem Inc 103642 Glass pH combination electrode with built-in temperature sensor, waterproof DIN plug and banana plug, length 120 mm, 3.3 ft (1 m) cable.

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pH electrodes are the most frequently used electro-chemical sensors. They are used practically in all areas of lab and field measurement. At the same time, the deliver the most sensitive measuring signals and must be serviced and calibrated at regular intervals.

pH electrodes SenTix ® : Standard electrodes with gel and precision electrodes with liquid gel electrolyte for pH measurements in lab applications and in the field Maintenance-free gel reference system across the entire product.

of pH- value. Plastic dispensing reel with 1 roll of indicator paper and colour scale. Pocket pH tester with exchangeable electrode. Includes exchangeable HI 73127 pH electrode. 3 case set including SenTix 81 and accessories.

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Use these pH electrodes for portable measurement and routine measurement in the lab. WTW™ SenTix™ 81 pH Electrodes are ideal for applications where .