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  • VX telescope mount The Advanced VX German equatorial mount has been built-in instructions to guide you through all the alignment procedures needed.

  • Home Equatorial Mounts: An Astronomer's Guide Equatorial mounts: an astronomer's guide An equatorial mount is made up of a tripod and a mount head, which holds the telescope and moves it about on two axes, one called right ascension (RA; east-west) and the other called declination (Dec.; north-south).

  • After placing the mount on the column, the optics have to be put on the platform. Make sure that the weight of the telscope is constantly and gradually increased .

  • Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up Your LOSMANDY Equatorial Mount for use with PHD2 Guiding Introduction If you are reading this because you just purchased a Losmandy Equatorial mount, con-gratulations! You have one of the best mounts available today, and certainly one of the best values in astrophotography available anywhere.

  • The key to using an equatorial mount is polar alignment — aligning the mount so with an inexpensive manual equatorial mount with manual setting circles.

A Quick And Dirty Guide In Setting Up A German Equatorial Mounted Telescope The Problem. Figure 3 – All the ways a German Equatorial Mount can twist and turn. Set up the scope in your viewing area. Make sure the tripod mount is even – this is important. If you are on a hill, you’ll want to adjust the length.

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iOptron® CEM25 Center Balanced Equatorial Mount Quick Setup Guide (QSG) BEFORE taking the mount out of the case! This product is a precision instrument and uses a magnetic gear meshing mechanism. Please read the included QSG before assembling the mount. Please read the entire Instruction Manual before operating the mount.

With an altaz mount, doing this requires you to adjust two axes, azimuth (left-right) and altitude (up-down). Properly set up, the polar axis of an equatorial mount is parallel to Earth’s axis of rotation and, therefore, doesn’t need to be adjusted further.

But the advantage is that equatorial mounts allow for a far more accurate tracking of celestial objects. They even improve the accuracy of the most ordinary telescopes. 2) How to Setup an Equatorial Mount? It is actually quite easy to set up an equatorial mount.

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Your new Tabletop Equatorial Mount is extreme- ly portable and These instructions will help you set up and properly use your equatorial mount. Please read .

nates. With a little practice, you'll find that the AstroView Equatorial Mount is an These instructions will help you set up and properly use your equatorial mount.