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Operating Manual Flytec 6020. 6020 GPS Operation Manual Vers.3.05. Flytec AG. Ebenaustrasse 18 , CH – 6048 Horw Switzerland.It has all of the advanced flight and navigation functions of the 6020 but also adds a FLARM anti-collision available; Bluetooth link to mobile phone available carry bag; FlyChart professional license; Flytec USA Manual; Warranty.Mar 29, 2018 FLARM version indication: Fixed error in communication with FLARM module Flytec 6020 – Firmware Release Notes See manual.Instrument Manuals. Oudie 4. Full manual 6000 Series and Brauniger equivalent. 6040 SMS/Bluetooth set-up 6040/6030/6020 · 6015/Basic.Therewith Flytec and Bräuniger, the oldest brands of varios for paragliding and hang glider pilots, and Naviter, known Flytec 6020 / Bräuniger IQ Competino+.Here you find some important information on FLARM for Volirium, Flytec and The Flytec 6020 and 6030 (aka Bräuniger IQ Competino+ and Compeo+) can be Download the FLARM update instructions for Flytec and Bräuniger varios.Anybody know when the new Bräuniger Competino / Flytec 6020 is due? Login · Reply the menu -> Main Setup Menu -> Instrument Setup -> Flarm • Track in Flytec's English Manuals are / were superior to Bräuniger's.Add Flytec 6020 and Flytec / Brauniger Flarm to your basket for package price. The Flytec 6020 Automatic or manual start and stop of data logging. Up to 291 .Flytec 6020 Balloon Competition Logger GPS Flight Navigation Logged Altitude Cord, Flytec protective bag, Flytec HG Bracket, FlyChart software and manual. mode, Restricted airspace warning and map, FLARM anti-collision available, .

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