Figure 1-1: SR-1050 Transfer Standard Introduction 1 SR-1050 Series The transfer standard may be calibrated using a single primary standard. This transfer standard may then be used at R/10, 1R, and at 10R, where R is the step size. It may be used at these three decades with an uncertainty that is equal to the initial calibration uncertainty of the steps plus the transfer uncertainty.

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Sep 12, 2016 Thought the following pictures of the inside of an earlier manufactured SR 1050 might be of interest after looking at this thread.

Calibration to an External 10 kW Standard transmission direction of the data lines, and RRPNLEN* is the chip enable.

  • 4 SR-102/SR-103/SR-104 Specifications. Current reversal With the reversal of the current through the resistor, the resistance value changes less than ±0.1.

  • SR1050 Auto Chromatic Tuner Provides quartz accuracy tuning in a compact, "shirt-pocket" size design. It features an easy to read LED display that indicates the .

  • esi SR1050 Resistance Transfer Standards Resistance Transfer Standard SR-1050 Series Make accurate calibrations and transfer measurements over three decades of resistance with the SR-1050 Series. Steps from 1 MΩ to 10 MΩ Transfers from 0.1 MΩ to 100 MΩ 11 precisely matched resistors High transfer accuracy - better than 2 ppm The Benefits of Using Transfer Standards In order to perform.

  • Hi, I use SR104 in my lab. I needed to have quite well calibrated 100ohms standard resistor, so I've bought ESI SR1010 and got also parallel compensating network.

  • The esi SR1050 provides a three terminal connection for each step or for a series of resistance steps. Specially designed lever switches separate each resistor from the others. This allows the standard to be configured in series, parallel, series-parallel, or separately without the use of external shorting.

ii SR-1050 Series WARNING OBSERVE ALL SAFETY RULES WHEN WORKING WITH HIGH VOLTAGES OR LINE VOLTAGES. Dangerous voltages may be present inside this instrument.

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SR-1050 High Accuracy Transfer Standard. Make accurate calibrations and transfer measurements over three decades of resistance with the. SR-1050 Series.

ESI ELECTRO SCIENTIFIC Industries SR1050 Resistance Transfer Standard 1 MΩ/Step - 9.73. Untested, Sold AS-IS 162974744341.

  1. Precise transfer measurements up to 110MΩrelative to a single 100kΩ resistance standard can be obtained with the Model SR1050 High-Resistance Transfer Standard.

  2. ESI SR 1050-10M ESI SR 1050-10M (A2LA Cert. No. 1395.08). This laboratory is accredited in accordance with the recognized International This laboratory is accredited in accordance with the recognized International.

  3. The SR-1050 Series (Figure 1-1) is a family of trans- fer standards suitable for making resistance calibra- tion transfer measurements.

Dec 14, 2012 Also I have not yet understood how this resistance transfer really works, This is OT but ESI used lots of gold plating inside the SR-1050.

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1 MΩ & 10 MΩ precision transfer standards. IET Labs continues to manufacturer the SR1050 to the same exacting specs as esi/Tegam.