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LabMaster/Partner-aw “Multi-Channel bench top system”… please consult the operation manual of your A SD-card interface enables the transfer.

  • Clock-CAL function (AW only) i AY Series AY GLP/GMP/ISO calibration report Meets AW/AX/AYSeries Data transfer port of AW/AX/AY Series Ambient temperature 2009 Electronic Balance Instruction Manual TW223L TW323L TW423L TWC323L LabMASTER-aw and LabPartner-aw LabMASTER-aw A professional .

  • Apr 20, 2018 Open LabMaster and calibrate gas sensors for O2 and CO2, and weight scales for food and water according to manufacturer's manual. Transfer mice to housing boxes (1 mouse/box; Figure 2) and P., Cheung, C. C., Lin-Moore, A. T., Pierce, A. A., Xu, A. W., Rubenstein, J. L. and Ingraham, H. A. (2015).

  • Mobile instrument LabSwift-aw LabSwift-aw sets LabSwift-aw set (without battery) LabSwift-aw set consisting of : LabSwift-aw set The new LabSwift-aw is a precise and handy instrument for the aw-value measurement of foodstuff, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

  • „All life needs water!“ There is no life without water! „Water“ is the main component of food and biological materials. The accurate determination of its form, nature and amount helps crucial to affect the structure respectively the physical and chemical properties of a product.

  • Communication Serial power line bus line - Select the desired channel number of the connected LabPARTNER- aw (please consult the programming section of the LabPartner-aw LabPartner-aw operation manual) Chamber 9 • Switch OFF the LabMASTER-aw unit and connect the communication cable between the LabMASTER-aw and LabPARTNER-aw. with 1. 1. LabMASTER-aw delays the powering on of all connected.

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  1. USB data transfer cable - SmartGraph III software (on included CD) - Operation manual (on Catalogue 2017 - LabMaster LabPartner-aw water activity meter.

  2. centralizing laboratory workflow of sample transfer, filtration and collection. pharmaceutical industry / for the food industry / bench-top LabMaster-aw neo · Novasina AG hardness tester / for tablets / bench-top / manual MultiTest.

  3. Water activity of ground biscuits was measured (n = 2) at 25 °C using the LabMaster-aw analyzer (Novasina, Pfáf-fikon, Switzerland). Texture analyses of biscuits were performed (n = 10) using the TA.XT plus Texture Analyzer (Stable Micro System, UK), equipped.

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Bench top water activity instrument LabMaster-aw … Important: please consult the operation manual of A SD-card interface enables the transfer.