Check out Toyota's tips for fuel efficient driving and watch the savings add up. For a manual transmission, use a moderate throttle position and shift between source for fuel economy information, every five mph you drive over 50 mph is like .

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As with all manual transmissions- DON'T try to move forward from a stop in a gear other than first or possibly second- You'll stall the engine (and if you don't stall, you might burn out the clutch) A clutch is a terrible thing to waste. A clutch in a passenger car should last 100,000 miles (160,000 km) or more. Driving hard and abusing the clutch can become very expensive. When in doubt, put wear on the brakes. All four of them can be much less expensive than the cost of replacing one clutch.

  1. It is not so difficult to learn how to drive such kind of car economically. It is enough to understand the specifics of the operation and do everything smoothly. Remember that if you want to save gasoline, the maximum speed should not exceed 110-120.

  2. Driving more economically can save you money and keep your car's parts from Driving in a higher gear when appropriate can reduce fuel consumption and be While this technique only applies to manual vehicles, it can save you gas .

  3. For best fuel efficiency, shift into the highest gear whenever possible or simply shift into Drive and let the automatic do what it's designed to: Select the most .

How to Drive Economically. Everyone needs to use a car from time to time, but gas can be expensive. Driving more economically can save you money and keep your car's parts from wearing quickly. By avoiding aggressive driving, managing gears.

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Aug 24, 2014 In general: Choose the highest gear that allows you to drive smoothly without How should I shift my manual transmission in order to maximize gas mileage? the engines and the cars, always consider the best possible fuel economy.

You can sometimes coax the transmission into shifting to high gear earlier than usual by letting up on the gas as you pass 30 mph or so. Then, once it's in top gear, continue to accelerate very gradually. Watch That Little OD Light. Virtually all manual and automatic transmissions have an overdrive gear that can be employed to save fuel. It's usually the highest-numbered gear (or gears), and it lets the engine run at a slower speed (or lower rpm) while the car maintains the same road speed.