The Thermo Scientific Finnpipette Stepper repeater pipette uses the positive displacement principle. Disposable Stepper microsyringe tips have a piston inside a cylinder unit. This helps to avoid sample-to-sample cross-contamination (also known as sample carry-over) and contamination due to the aerosol effect. How the Thermo Scientific Finnpipette Stepper works. 1. The piston inside.

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Autoclavable, Yes. Finger Style, Ergonomic. Includes, Calibration certificate, in-lab calibration tool. Secure Tip Attachment, Soft touch tip ejection. Warranty.

4 2 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Fisherbrand® Finnpipette II is a manual digital pipette. It operates on the air displacement principle (i.e. an air interface).

  1. Featured Thermo Scientific pipettes and pipette tips categories Finnpipette Systems Delivering years of unmatched productivity and ergonomics across thousands of labs and applications.

  2. 100 carries a complete line of ThermoFisher Finnpipette F1 F2 series single and multichannel pipettes. We also have inventory of refurbished Labsystem Pipettes. As an official distributor of Finnpipette products we maintain a large inventory of spare parts and are trained.

  3. Fisherbrand Finnpipette Ii User Manual Pipette, Single-channel Air Displacement, Fisherbrand Finnpipette II, Red, Adjustable Volume, 2 to Includes: Calibration certificate, in-lab calibration.

10% OFF pipette calibration service for new customers. Pipette Any volume, inc. fractional, from 1 uL - 10 mL. FisherBrand Finnpipette II Digital Pipette.

Scientific Finnpipettes have been sold in 150 countries. This guide outlines pipetting techniques and other practical information to Ergonomic considerations in the development of a class II, type A/B3 biological safety F1 100-1000.

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Description. Eleven models with adjustable volumes ranging from 0.2µL to 10mL. Large, color-coded thumb button allows fast, accurate volume setting that is digitally displayed and easy to read, even when pipetter.

The Fisherbrand® Finnpipette II Multichannel is a manual digital pipette. It operates on the air displacement principle (i.e. an air interface) and uses detachable .

Results 1 - 48 of 408 Gently used Finpipette P-1000 pipette, 100-1000 is range. This pipette Fisherbrand Finnpipette I and II Pipette Package with Warranty Fisherbrand Finnpipette Variable Pipette Fixed 2 ul pipet Fisher brand Excellent FISHERBRAND ELITE 5-50µL 12 CHANNEL DIGITAL MANUAL PIPETTE.