Sep 12, 2017 on Chandra, see table 6.4 of the Chandra proposer's guide3). using the spectral fitting programs Xspec Arnaud (1996) and Sherpa Freeman (2017)). This produced a best-fit normalisation for the apec norm of 0.0027, .Synopsis. The XSPEC apec model: APEC emission spectrum. References. [1] .

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Syntax. xsvapec The xsvapec model is an additive model component. References. [1] .apec, vapec, vvapec: APEC emission spectrum. This default version number can be changed by modifying the ATOMDB_VERSION string in your Xspec.init file. Different files can be specified by using the command xset APECROOT.

Add support for models added in XSPEC 12.9.1: bvtapec, bvvtapec, tapec, vtapec, vvtapec, carbatm, hatm, ismabs, olaurino released this on Aug 3, 2017 · 537 commits to master since this release or imported, manually to the output.The Smithsonian Institution, Copyright © 1998-2017.

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Sep 26, 2018 activity at GeV/TeV energies (Mirzoyan 2017; Hodgson et al. 2018). To follow up and an emission spectrum from hot diffuse gas, apec, to fit the source 1' Guide for version 12.10.1 Spectral Fitting and XSPEC bapec, bvapec, bvvapec: velocity broadened APEC thermal plasma model · bbody, zbbody: .